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Open USL Fan Supports To Come From Any Wrestler

During the SteamStreet reign, one of the changes made was to restrict FS in USL matches to only come from our teammates. The purpose was to restrict "Alt FS" from being dropped in USL matches and even the playing field. 

Unfortunately, no restrictions were made against rotating wrestlers in and out of stables during season play, and such a tactic is still being utilized by many stables today, among other "strategies" that circumvent the purpose of the change and rule. 

The playing field can be evened out again by removing the FS restriction in USL, allowing players to receive FS from the feed. The restriction against "Alt FSing" should remain in place, but the reversion to the old setting(s) would eliminate the disputes/complaints about stables rotating players in; may increase the popularity of USL again; and simultaneously reduce some of the orange clutter on the feed. 

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I agree that FS should be back to being open outside of the stable.  I also believe that the current rule that no alternate accounts should fs their main and visa versa.   

They are called FAN supports, therefore you should be able to get them from FANS.   If they are TEAMMATE supports, then I would understand.   There is little reason to fan for fan any longer in WU.  Fanning was something stables would often do together.  Also, we lost a bunch of really nice people that used to play this game in part due to the restriction.   

Fan Supports being locked to teammates only, and no longer FANS, was done to draw out alt accounts to ban in a massive witch hunt for alts back when Steam Street was not permitting ANY alts in the game.  This and other actions of their drove many nice players away.   From my understanding it was a temporary thing to lock Fan supports away from fans and only permit from teammates in usl. 

Can we please let our fans give us fan supports again?

You will see more fan for fan scenes and posts in the feed again, I can assure you.  You might even find some other good people return.  

Also, To Papa Shaker.... about rotating in.  I agree.  Returning things to how they were will assist in reducing those complaints and will even the playing field for stables that don't have people come in and out of the stable for fs due to the negativity of a select group.  It is sad that these certain groups place negative stigmas on things that all stables can do (re:rotate players in and out to help with fs).   I see no rule about this but I generally stay away from things that cause people to whine.   But seriously, there is no rule against this.  The only rule is that you cannot use an alt or a main to fs your own alt or main.   This is understandable, so I really don't know why people try to make up their own rules. 

edit.... first paragraph,   last line - "I believe IN the current rule that"  

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