How does fatigue work?

Each time you complete a successful move, your fatigue will rise. The higher your fatigue, the less likely that moves will succeed. As fatigue approaches 100, you'll see a significant reduction in the rate of success. Using the same move twice during your turn will result in double the fatigue, so avoid that wherever possible.

How does momentum work?

Momentum increases your chances for move success. Gaining momentum takes it away from your opponent, so you'll want to try to keep you momentum high to reduce their chances for success. Some moves don't inflict a lot of damage, but can be used to boost momentum, so keep those handy for situations when you need a momentum boost.

How do I know which move to pick?

You'll need to get to know what types of moves work best in different situations. Generally, when you've got low momentum, you'll want to pick low-risk moves. As your momentum increases, you can start to think about picking higher risk moves. You'll also want to keep an eye on fatigue, and choose a defensive move if it gets too high.

Which defense works against each move?

Each defense works against a specific skill attribute. For example, the Dodge defense works against Speed moves, and the Block defense works against Strength moves. You can then look in the moves list to see which moves require certain attributes to see the defense to use.

Why do my moves always fail?

When you play the game, you'll go on streaks of always hitting moves, and other streaks of seemingly always failing. It's just part of the game. Sometimes you'll be unlucky and not be able to hit a backhand chop with 100 momentum, and other times, your brainbusters will work at almost no momentum. The game is not against you.

What's the Bag of Tricks?

The bag of tricks contains items that can help you win matches, or help your friends. When you use one, it is no longer available, so you'll want to choose strategic times to take advantage. Items from the Bag of Tricks can be earned in different ways throughout the game, by training with partners, or getting to the top of the daily bonus ladder.

How does the match countdown work?

When a match is started, each wrestler gets a certain amount of time to complete all of their moves. When it's your turn, your timer is ticking, but once you've completed your turn, your timer stops, and your opponent's timer begins. If the timer runs out on your match before you pin your opponent and it's your turn, you'll be counted out and lose the match.