What's a stable?

A stable is a collection of wrestlers that fights as a team. They have their own name, logo, biography, etc. A stable can challenge other stables in a battle. These battles pit members of each stable against each other in matches, and the team with the most wins is declared the winner of the battle. You must have at least 6 members in your stable to compete in a battle. You can only be in one stable at a time.

What's the Unstoppable Stable League?

The Unstoppable Stable League (USL) is a structured league where stables compete to move to top of the heap. Each week, we will organize battles against other stables in your group. The top stables from each group will move up the ladder, and the bottom ones will move down. Winning the USL championship is a coveted accomplishment. Stable leaders must sign up to the USL each week via an icon that will appear on the home page.

What does the stable leader do?

The stable leader manages the stable, configures the stable' profile, and sends battle challenges to other stables. They also make sure the stable is signed up to the USL each week.

How do I get more members?

The easiest way to get more members is to recruit them with a stable recruitment ad. To place an ad, go to your stable and click the recruit link (available to stable leaders only).

Can I use my Alt characters in stable matches?
Yes and no. Yes, your "alts" can be used in stables. However, you cannot use your alts to fan support other characters you control, you cannot have separate alts in different stables in the same USL group and your alts cannot face each other for any reason.