What's a private company?

A private company is created and managed by a player of the game. They set the rules, they decide the matches, they setup the divisions, etc. Each company is run slightly differently, so you can decide which company most closely matches how you'd like to play the game.

How do I join a private company?

You must be invited to join a private company. The best way to get an invite is to look for the owner of the company (they're listed on the company page), and send them a message indicating that you'd like to join. If you've got a lot of fans, you'll have a better chance of getting an invite, since you'll be earning the company more money.

How do I start my own private company?

Anyone can start their own company. Just click on the companies tab on the home page, then click on the 'Browse Companies' link. Then click the 'Start a Company' button.What are the different kinds of companies?There are three kinds of private companies. A Group is limited in size and intended for small groups of friends that like to fight each other for a title. A federation is larger, and has many more options for expanding, but is still limited to 75 wrestlers. A corporation is the largest and most flexible company type. It can be any size, and always get the newest features of the game first.

How do I get help with my company?

You can delegate control of different aspects of the company to other wrestlers if you'd like. Just click the 'Edit Company Settings' link on your company's page, and you'll be able to set permissions. In addition, you can set budgets to limit the ability of your admin team to steal your hard earned money.

Can I delete a championship or division?

No. You can, however, rename them.

How do I get people into my company?

Well first, you'll need to be committed to providing an entertaining and interesting experience for your members. There are lots of ways to recruit. You can post to your fans to get them to join, you can post interesting scenes that hopefully others will share, or you can browse some of the rosters of the beginner public companies to find hot new talent that might be interested in what you have to offer.

How do I earn money for my corporation?

You earn money by having members that have a lot of fans. Each night, your company will be paid 1 coin for every fan that each member of your company has. So, if you have 2 members, one with 100 fans, and one with 50 fans, each day your company will be paid 150 coins. However, to continue receiving coins, members will need to stay active in the company, by completing moves in matches. Each day that they do not compete in a match in your company, their payout will be reduced by 10%.