What is a tournament?

A tournament is an event set up in a private company that allows the company owner to include as many wrestlers as they want in a large scale competition. Matches are automatically set and continue in rounds until there is one final winner. The company GM can choose the entry fee for the tournament, whether people are invited or can just join, how many levels of payouts there are, and what the prize money is.  

How do I create a tournament?

First of all you must own a private company. That company must be a Federation or a Corporation. If you have never created a tournament before, you will need to pay a one off fee to unlock the tournament engine. This fee will come out of the company funds.  Once you have unlocked the ability to host tournaments, click the 'Create Event' button. For Event Type, select Tournament, and you will be given all the options to create your tournament! Make sure you check all these options carefully, you cannot change them once you have clicked on the 'Create' button!

How do I start the tournament?

Once you've decided who will be paid, how much they will be paid and how much it will cost them to enter your tournament, you then need to either invite people to join (only people in your company can join the tournament, but they can leave the company after they have joined it), or add people to the tournament (again, only people who are in the company can be added to the tournament), depending on what you selected in the options. When you have all the people you want signed up, you will need to click 'Start Tournament'.  All tournaments can be found by looking at the Events tab in your company.

How much will a tournament cost?

Every tournament you create will cost your company 50 coins for every person in the tournament. This admin fee is deducted from your company bank balance when the tournament is started. Your company will also pay the winnings to every level you decided to payout, on the day the final match is won. The payouts will show up on the newsfeed of everyone in your company. If your company doesn't have enough money to cover all the prizes, the money will go to the highest level winners first. You MUST have enough funds in your company to cover the payout to the Champion.

Can I delete a tournament?

No. You can however, cancel a tournament that has not been started.

Why should I run tournaments in my company?

They create excitement and interest in the company and give your company members the opportunity to earn money and prestige, as the tournament Champion will have the win recorded in their Achievements. They also provide an opportunity for a company GM to earn some money for the company - you can charge whatever you like as an entry fee, and select whatever you like as prize money.