What are training partners for?

Training partners help you increase your skills and experience more quickly, and they also earn your a few coins along the way. Every day, you can visit each training partner and you'll be awarded XP and coins. You'll also have a chance at a Boost that you can use in a match. 

Who can be a training partner?

Before someone can be your training partner, they must first be your friend on Facebook. Always remember that whoever you add as a friend on Facebook has access to your personal information, photos and anything else you make available there, so be sure that you are happy with your training partners being able to view that information. The best people to add as training partners are your friends and family, you can then challenge them to matches and enjoy beating them in the squared circle!

How do I add a training partner?

On your wrestler home page, down the bottom left you will see tabs for Training Partners, Companies and Stables. Click on the Training Partners tab and it will bring up your training partner slots. You can have 24 training partners. Under any empty slots, you will see the Invite button. If you click on this, it will bring up a pop up box and give you the option to invite your Facebook friends.  They will receive an invite to become your training partner, and once they accept, they will show up in your training partner slot.

Can I fire a training partner?

If you ever decide you are tired of looking at the same old training partners, you can easily delete them by clicking on the X in the top right corner of their training partner slot. You will be prompted asking if you are sure you want to delete that person as your training partner and if you click Ok, you will have a free slot and can add another Facebook friend. The person you deleted will not know that you have deleted them as your training partner, and you will remain as their training partner, if that was the case.

Are some training partners better than others?

No. Every wrestler will give you the same chance of earning coins, XP and boosts, no matter what their experience level is, the number of fans they have, whether they are active or inactive.

How can I find more training partners?

There are many wrestlers within Wrestler Unstoppable who are also looking for training partners. Keep an eye out for scenes asking for training partners, or ask people you wrestle with if they need training partners. You could also ask for training partners here on the forums.