The following actions are examples of actions that will get your characters warned and/or banned if reported to or witnessed by staff:

Posting personal information about other players in public forums without consent
Graphic, detailed discussions of violence that are clearly not within the scope of wrestling
Graphic, detailed discussions of sex and/or graphic pictures of nudity
Graphic language that would not be allowed on basic cable television
Racism, homophobia, or any type of hate speech
Harassment of other players
Stalking of other players

Using glitches in game for personal advantage. (such as using a BOT item to allow yourself to tag in a tag match)

Breaking a no-contact clause in effect with another player 

Any other actions that harm the overall spirit of gameplay
Names of wrestlers, stables, companies, or events that include profanity or hate speech
Abuse of any kind of Wrestler: Unstoppable or Sports: Unstoppable, LLC staff, or any actions that hamper staff from doing their duties. (this includes the blocking of staff in game)
Posting or sharing of private communications with Wrestler: Unstoppable or Sports: Unstoppable, LLC staff without express permission

These guidelines apply to all communications in-game, music used as ring music, nameplates, wrestler names, company names, content in scenes, etc.

This list is not comprehensive so use common sense and respect other players. If you are unsure if something is in violation use the following guideline: Would you see it on basic cable television? If the answer is no, don’t post it.

 Wrestler:Unstoppable and Sports: Unstoppable, LLC staff will monitor and assess all violations of the Terms of Service, and determine disciplinary action as needed. These actions may include a warning, a 3 day ban for lesser offenses, a 7 day ban for more serious or repeated offenses, or even a permanent ban for egregious violations. Players may request an appeal by submitting a support ticket marked attention to Wrestler: Unstoppable Product Management.