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Insta-Match Failure

I'm having issues with Insta-Match. It can never seem to find an opponent for me. I've gone 3 days and have only had match. I'm in a public company (Tri-Cities Brawlers) that has well over 10,000 people in it and I can't get a match? Being a newly created wrestler, this problem gives me very little chance to progress in the game and zero chance at hitting any goals. Please help.

You could always use the wrestler bucks to pay to skip that step

Insta-Matches only happen if someone else in the public company hits the button at the same time you do.

the first 2 public companies have default wrestlers, cant remember their names but if nobody else wants an instant match you get one of the default wrestlers. dont go spending bucks on skipping goals, they are good for better things than that

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