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 How do you call someone who blocked you but doesnt stop to unblock you to send you nasty messages and deleted them as soon as you say something on your newsfeed about it?

and do you still have access to delete messages in our inbox? in the past they could see them

If they block you and then just unblock to inbox messages, block them yourself and never talk about them or acknowledge them.  Then if they harass you in scenes unprovoked, report them.  If you stalk them to see what they are saying about you, fine, but you shouldn't report them for stuff they say on their feed about you because if you have them blocked, you'll be told to ignore them completely.  Unless they're posting OOC stuff, in which case they are fair game for reporting in my book.  

Just block and ignore them. It is that simple or hire wthr to take care of them lol
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