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Alt use

So what is the rule for Alts?

I heard you can have them, as long as they do not fan support one another, compete against one another in tournaments.

I see constant abuse of Alts being used to move up UEW rankings, face each other in tournament matches.

It is crazy that this is not monitored a bit more, but yet NCO orders are strictly enforced.

I get it if you removed the alts you'd probably have 100 people left playing, but I would rather have 100 good players than cheats.

You ban people for speaking their minds and truths, ban people for speaking up, and asking for change.

I think you either make rules across the board for every one or remove them for all, as you have people that really get away with murder in this game.

I am a long time player that loves the game, but something must be done to make things better.

Cassie Jo

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Well said Cassie - Twizzted
I want one of my alternate egos to return soon. Carrie Underwood was very popular back in the day. She's my favorite wrestler.
Alts are out of control. I'm thinking close to half this game are nothing but Alts. I've seen whole companies that if every Wrestler isn't an Alt, then it's just 2 Users with 10 or so apiece.
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