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Why does this happen with hyper links in our Bio's sometimes ??

Hiya SU Mods ,

Its rare I Inquire about anything in WU , but i have a question that has had me baffled for awhile now .

In our Biography sections , why is it sometimes when we hyper link a scene WU automatically changes the link so it doesn't work ??

I will provide an example of one from my own Biography here .

This is what the error looks like :

<a href="!view.fb?id=LSC892da6b40f4143aca0e90eef65e04190">R&O Ink</a>

This is how it reads each time i correct it , before it changes on its on to the above :

<a href="!view.fb?id=LSC892da6b40f4143aca0e90eef65e04190">R&O Ink</a>

Why is this happening , and how do we Fix it ??

Oni Enforcer 

Two days and nothing ....  *Sigh* 

Still nothing  ?? 

 Sorry for the delay in response. I'm not sure why you did not get a reply sooner.

I am unsure why such a thing would be happening.

I will send this over to the Devs to look into.

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I'm having kind of the same problem, it won't let me save anything in my profile from info & all the way to backgrounds every time I try to change anything it keeps saying there is an error?

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I'm having kind of the same problem, ever time I go into my profile, to change anything or add any thing it keeps saying there is an error from info to backgrounds?
Or try & add something to my bio
Or I'll try & add something in my bio

Thanks SU : Product Management , 

This problem has been going on for quite awhile and it effects a lot of people . 

It's weird though , sometime it doesn't do it , and sometimes it will ... but once it does it on a particular link it will always change the link . . . 

It's not a huge problem , but it can be a frustrating one ... lol 

Thanks again for looking into it .  :o) 

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Alright , thanks to a friend i was able to solve this little glitch . 

When adding a link to your biography section , remove the "S" from the http section and it will work normally . 

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Robbie, change the HTTPS to HTTP and the link will work fine.

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necesito juego desbloqueo por favor 

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